How To Style Loafers

Don’t we all love to match our shoes to our outfit? Soma's handmade loafers are great for those days when you don’t feel like wearing heels. They're also easy to slip on and slip off which is convenient when you are in a hurry.  So how to wear loafers?

    • Office-chic 
      • Pair loafers with your office outfits for a more comfy look. Ditch your heels for a day or two and wear loafers instead with your suits and trousers.
    • Casual with skinny jeans 
      • Loafers have a rather low key and simple look and silhouette so getting them to be noticed can be a real challenge. To make sure that your loafers aren’t overshadowed by anything, go for bottoms that aren’t too overwhelming. Something with a slim silhouette can really help make your loafers stand out. This combo makes a great casual outfit, too.
    • Printed 
      • Speaking of getting your loafers noticed by the eye, one way to really make your loafers pop is to wear a pair that’s printed. For those with cheetah print loafers, you can wear a tan brown blazer to match your shoes.


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