Spring Ready With Handmade Shoes From Soma

It’s time to treat yourself to a much needed vacation---and some new, fabulous shoes. Let’s be honest, the winter dragged on and spring just could not come fast enough. You’ve earned your week of relaxing on the beach, or even the perfect stay-cation. No matter where in the world you will be this spring break---looking stylish in the dozens of photos you plan to take with your besties is a must.

Soma’s spring line of leather sandals are the perfect addition to your new wardrobe.. An added bonus: you won't be breaking the bank---all of our sandals are under $100!
  • Suede Sandals
    • The combination of bow and eye-catching color will add the striking pop to your fun and flirty spring break dresses.
  • Metallic Gold Sandals
    • Your shoes should shine just as brightly as you when you're roaming around your chosen destination. They are so versatile that you can take them from day to night.
  • Backless Loafers
    • Cute, comfortable, and quick to slip on! Travel might be part of your spring break agenda---but sacrifices don't have to be made in the name of style with these slides.
  • Fringe Sandals
    • Boho-chic and the perfect combination with ANY spring break outfit. 


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