Each shoe, like art, is exclusive and handmade by craftsmen world-renowned for their precise hand stitching, creativity, and love.

True craftsmanship is easy to recognize, but rare to find. Craftsmanship comes from skills honed over a lifetime. It comes from dedication, quality and tradition.

Combining timeless style with fashion forward designs, each pair of Soma shoes is handmade and hand-worked by some of the world's finest and experienced artisans.

 Each piece is completely made by the hand, (e.g.: the leather cutting, embroidery and stitching). Some of our styles take up to weeks to create due to the intricacy of the designs, method of producing high quality leather, and superior hand stitching. Therefore each pair of shoes is a unique piece constructed specially for you. 

Soma prides itself as not only a sustainable and socially responsible footwear line produced in Pakistan, but also as a modern and youthful line catering to the feminine, sensible, and sophisticated woman. 

Soma's goal is to help those who need it most – the factory workers. We are constantly reacting to changes in the industry and needs of our workers. Soma has set a new standard of manufacturing by providing the local community with new job opportunities, food and economic security, and access to improved healthcare services, proving that social responsibility and beautiful design can co-exist in fashion.

Soma is an upbeat, sexy and sophisticated take on women’s shoes.